Whirlpool Ac Service Center in Kolkata

Whirlpool AC Service Center in Kolkata


Fixlum introduces you to the best technology at the Whirlpool AC Service Center in Kolkata. If you need any kind of service related to Whirlpool air conditioning, then Fixlum is the best service center in Kolkata. We have the best team of highly experienced and professionally trained air conditioner repair and installation engineers. They are most able to detect and solve such problems at very affordable prices. Our top-class air-conditioning installation and repair services are provided to a large number of satisfied Whirlpool AC users in Kolkata. If you encounter any problems with the reliable and best service of your expensive Whirlpool air-conditioning, then Fixlum should be your only destination where we assure you of complete satisfaction.

Whirlpool AC service has become one of the most important services in our lives. And Whirlpool AC Repair requires a skilled engineer and technicians. Which we provide through our services. Call us if you have any AC problems such as window AC repair, ACP repair, or any other problem. Our engineers will try to solve any problem of your AC except window comp repair or installation, split AC repair or installation and gas filling, compressor.

We should maintain it in the right way to get long-lasting output. For that reason, Fixlum offers you an annual maintenance subscription plan, which allows you to ensure the better and healthier condition of your expensive Whirlpool air-conditioner throughout the year. For any Whirlpool Air-Condition service, we offer a one-year warranty. To get hassle-free and reliable service, please contact us and feel the best class service in Whirlpool Air-Condition. Best experience and meet your needs.



Office Hours

Monday:       10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Tuesday:        10:00 am- 6.30 pm

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Thursday:       10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Friday:            10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Saturday:        10:00 am- 6.30 pm

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