Voltas Ac Service Center in Kolkata

Voltas AC Service Center in Kolkata


Fixlum is one of the best Voltas AC service centers in Kolkata. We provide top AC repair services to every client in our service center with their best satisfaction. If you want to get the best service at the standard price, come to us. We solve quality technical problems.

Fixlum is the best company to meet the requirements of your Voltas AC services from experts. If you take Voltas AC service from us you will see how much quality work we do. All our engineers are qualified and professional. We are happy to provide the best service to our clients.

Currently, AC is a necessary thing for human use. So we always try to make this air conditioner suitable for human use so that they can use it properly and take advantage of it. We do our best to meet the needs of our valued clients.

We not only repair Voltas AC but also supply all the original parts supply all our parts are original and warranty. So come to us without delay and get the best service. All customers are very happy to receive a service from us. So I hope you will be happy too. All the experienced technicians can reach anywhere in Kolkata by just one call.


Voltas Ac Repair Center in Kolkata


Office Hours

Monday:       10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Tuesday:        10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Wednesday:   10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Thursday:       10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Friday:            10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Saturday:        10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Sunday:      Holiday