AC Repair Service in Kolkata

AC Repair Service in Kolkata

Fixlum is the well-known brand for  AC Repair Service in Kolkata that provides every facet of AC repair services. The service center is capable of servicing your AC, regardless of any make or model or purchase location to ensure that you have to get satisfied with our service and spend a comfortable life in your home or workplace. We also offer AC installation service; if the installation is done accurately your ac will give optimum cooling. The poor installation also leads to frequent maintenance problem so the service engineers assist you to determine exactly what your AC needs for your business or home. Maintain your AC and enhance the life of your AC requires proper maintenance from the expert technicians.


AC Repair Service  in Kolkata provides on-site service. The technicians visit your place in time that gets the service done right for the first time. In case you are concern about your AC, or need a repair call us at our number –


Our Services


AC Installation/ Uninstall -> The installation is done accurately your ac will give optimum cooling. The poor installation also leads to a frequent maintenance problem. To get properly uninstalled to shift your AC experienced technicians are required.


Gas Refilling -> Continuous use of AC generally reduce gas refrigerant levels of Freon. It needs to be replenished in order to continuous cooling of the AC.


Compressor Replacement -> If the seals in the AC compressor are malfunctioned then the compressor start leaking refrigerant or AC oil. In this case, the old compressor should be replaced with a new one as seals cannot be replaced.


Split AC Water Leakage Problem -> AC cools the air at home partly by extracting moisture from the air. For Split Ac or Window AC, a little amount of water leakage is normal. For a central AC system, sometimes a considerable amount of water is leaking incessantly. In order to solve the issue, contact us at the earliest.


Window AC -> The window AC is an opening in a wall with its rear releasing hot air outside and front end release cool air. Sometimes it emits sound due to dust or other issues. Call Us to get service of all types of Windows AC issues.


AC Circuit Repair -> Sometime there is a problem in the circuit board in AC. This can lead to replacement when the board has been able to be repaired. Our well-trained technicians have all the right skills and equipment to repair the circuit board.


The AC Repair Service in Kolkata offer service and maintain your AC in the good working condition under Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC). If there will be a problem with a compressor then it does not come under AMC, however, the replacement of the compressor will be taken care of by the manufacturer on its malfunction during the warranty period.



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