How to Keep Clean your refrigerator

To maintain a clean kitchen is not an easy task as it is filled up with kitchen appliances. Day to day cleaning may not be possible for you; the best option to clean your kitchen on holiday. Refrigerators are an important home appliances keep inside the kitchen. If you are not cleaning your refrigerator for a month then foul smells may produce or sticky spots appear in your refrigerator. Are you ready to clean your refrigerator?


Follow the tips below to keep a clean refrigerator and achieve it looking good.


Wipe down the outside of the refrigerator – Mix detergent with water in a pot then dampen a cotton cloth with soapy water and wipe down the back, top, doors and both sides of the refrigerator, use spray like Colin to clean metal areas. Give more attention to remove the fingerprints stain from handles where grimy fingerprints linger.


Clean the door seals – Wipe down with the foamy cotton cloth you use it to clean the outside. After that, dry the seals and check that they seal perfectly. Check the seals thoroughly and replace them if any worn or cracked seal appears.


Clean the inside of the refrigerator – To start cleaning the inside of the refrigerator you first turn off the power of the refrigerator and empty it, including removing detachable shelves, vegetable basket and crisper drawers. Now, wipe down the interior with a foamy cotton cloth. If there are any intractable stains in any place inside the refrigerator then prepare a paste with baking soda and a small amount of water and scour the stained area for some time. Let the paste remove the stain within finish cleaning the other portion of the refrigerator. Lastly, clean the stain spot again with the foamy cloth.


Rinse drawers, shelves and baskets – Wash all removable drawers, shelves and baskets in hot soapy water. Let intractable marks soak and then scour them clean. Now dry the drawers, shelves and basket and scrub all with a dry cloth thoroughly before place all inside the refrigerator.


Clean the refrigerator coils – Refrigerator coils are found at the bottom on the back of it. Cleaning the coils facilitates your refrigerator runs more proficiently; it also helps it last longer and reduces operating costs. Drag your refrigerator front and go to the backside and check the bottom; you find coils there. Clean the coils using a hand brush and also use dry small parts of the cloth to keep it clean.


Additional tips to keep your refrigerator clean


  • Wipe up spills from time to time before drying and becoming more difficult to clean.
  • Before you keep the ketchup bottle, jam jar and soft drink bottles in the refrigerator, wipe the bottle clean. Use butter trey to stick butter in the refrigerator.
  • Check the fruits, vegetables regularly and toss the rotten fruits and vegetables out to prevent foul smells from developing.
  • Use separate containers to keep meat and place potentially leaky items on a plate-like ice cream bar, sweets etc.
  • To prevent bad odors and keeping your refrigerator smelling fresh; place baking soda at any corner of the refrigerator and change it out once a month. You can also use activated charcoal on a container to absorb especially offensive odors.


Clean refrigerator helps to keep better hygiene for your family and if you will face any trouble with your refrigerator then pick your phone and call Fixlum for a quick response.