Godrej Ac Service Centre in Kolkata

Godrej AC Service Centre in Kolkata


Fixlum provides the best service at a standard price for Godrej AC Service Center in Kolkata. We do not charge any customer for AC repair. Only when our experienced technicians make the right diagnosis will they tell you the right price for an AC repair. So you don’t have to spend extra to repair the air conditioner.

We provide Godrej AC services all over Kolkata. You can simply contact us for any problems with Godrej AC. All the technicians of the company are trained and experienced. Our technicians carry out all kinds of repairs and maintenance with suitable equipment.

If a customer wants an annual maintenance contract, we also provide repairs and maintenance at a reasonable price. We provide services related to new installations and other AC issues.

All ACs should be serviced on time, otherwise, the efficiency of the AC will be lost very quickly. The gas has to be charged to keep the system running properly. We charge it after making a thorough diagnosis. We take proper arrangements for Godrej AC service. We have maintained our confidence by providing good service.


Godrej Ac Repair in Kolkata


Office Hours

Monday:       10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Tuesday:        10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Wednesday:   10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Thursday:       10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Friday:            10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Saturday:        10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Sunday:      Holiday