Daikin Ac Service Centre in Kolkata

Daikin AC Service Centre in Kolkata


Fixlam is one of the best Deakin AC service centers in Kolkata . We provide high quality Daikin AC service for clients. All clients are very satisfied after taking our service. Our experts carry out all the work responsibly, from repairing your AC to the installation process.

We have built our company as a reliable company for our clients. Where clients can get advanced services at standard prices. Our engineers will reach you immediately with just one call. Help any Deakin AC service clients get top solution in less time. Also, if you want to get rid of the technical problems in your AC system, come to us with your trust and talk to our experts. Experts will help you in any way.

Here Dekin AC offers a variety of services that are very important for repairs. Our services, such as Daikin AC gas filling, Daikin AC installation and annual maintenance for Daikin AC offices and industrial zones, etc.

So, if you are a business and industry officer, AC repair requires annual maintenance service. So call us if you are ready to take our service. Our engineers provide Daikin AC service anywhere in Kolkata.

If the call is suddenly dropped for any reason while booking AC service, our representative will call you back.


Daikin Ac Repair in Kolkata


Office Hours

Monday:       10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Tuesday:        10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Wednesday:   10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Thursday:       10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Friday:            10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Saturday:        10:00 am- 6.30 pm

Sunday:      Holiday